Pengumuman KUM-ITT

Kepada mahasiswa JTE, yang suka tantangan & membantu masyarakat pedesaan, ikutan KUM-ITT. Baca deh


(by kasuajurte)

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  • - thanks, sir. we rellay learned something from you.and teaching’s style is so different, because most of us dun like those theories study in subject.we prefer work better than study theories. =)haha .. this sem finally gonna end soon, we appreciate the advices that you gave. ciaoz!

  • nelson – congrat sir for the ptmioroon .but still the same old view and environment( old office ma) hahaha that is what happens in this cruel world, one’s happiness (in this case, is sir) is being built on other sadness other(person who being rejected for the deputy dean post) feel sad for him too ..but we still need to move on .

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